Ishiso Testimonials

Dry2Alive Face and Body Hydrating Cream

…they tried it…

"I have used it on my hands and face and really loved it.  It definitely smooths the skin for an extended period of time but is not greasy – it feels dry to the touch almost immediately which I think is unusual and good for busy mums….the appearance of my skin was definitely improved and had a nice sheen to it…"  

Emma, East Sheen, W. London 2014.

“I used the cream when I had dry/cracked hands and was amazed that my hands recovered within a couple of days”

David, Oxford. 2014.

“I have been using Dry2Alive for 6 weeks on my arms and have noticed a significant improvement in my skin condition. The cream is easy to apply and absorbs easily!"

Preya, Coulsdon, Surrey. 2014

“I used Dry2Alive on the eczema on my arm and it really help keep it moisturised and seemed to calm down the itch. I have very sensitive skin and find it hard to put things on that don’t irritate me. I found this cream was gentle yet absorbed really well!”

Mrs F. Harrison, Northwood, Middx. 2013.

“I used ISHISO on my body and especially the dry patches that had developed on my legs. It absorbed very quickly without feeling greasy! I used it for a week and it really helped smooth out those areas of skin that seemed littered with dry cracks! A great product!”

Sylvia, North London 2013.

“I used Dry2Alive on both my kids – they had really dry patches at the back of their legs and by day 4 of using the cream, it was significantly better.”

Sham, Ruislip, Middlesex 2013.

“I gave this to my Dad who suffers from psoriasis which is particularly troublesome on his hands and after just a short time of using this he has found that his symptoms are much reduced"

Suzanne, Horley, Surrey 2013.

“As a dentist I wash my hands throughout the day. I tried Dry 2 Alive as they were constantly dry and itchy. Through use, I found that their condition has significantly improved and feel soothed.”  

Bob, Harrow, Middx 2013..