Ishiso Skin Care FAQs

Question: Is Dry 2 Alive suitable for me or my family?

Answer: Dry 2 Alive face and body hydrating cream has been formulated for dry and sensitive skin types.  If you have dry or sensitive skin then the product is suitable for you.  Our product is gentle enough for babies, effective enough for use by adults.  Use Dry 2 Alive as part of your usual face and body routine and see how it makes a difference to the quality of skin!  Read our testimonials to see how it has helped others.


Question:  What is the shelf life of Dry 2 Alive?

Answer: Our products have a shelf life of 3 years from point of manufacture if unopened.  Once opened the shelf life from that point onwards is 12 months.  This is represented on your carton as an open jar symbol.


Question: Is Dry 2 Alive suitable for babies?

Answer: Dry2Alive is suitable from birth plus. However we recommend that you patch test for all under 3s on a discreet area of skin to ensure that they are not sensitive to any of the ingredients.  If any irritation does occur then discontinue use. 

Dry2Alive has been dermatologically tested, however if there is a case where someone is sensitive to a particular ingredient discontinue use.


Question:  Is Dry 2 Alive suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans?

Answer: Yes it is 100% Vegan. We do not use animal ingredients in Dry2Alive like beeswax or honey.  We also do not use any dairy or fish extracts. Neither are any of our ingredients tested on animals. 


Question:  What proportion of your product is natural?

Answer:  Dry2Alive face and body hydrating cream is 98% natural. The 2% that is not natural is a preservative to enable the shelf life and we have also included a small amount of D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5) for added moisture.


Question:  Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, our carton and tube are both recyclable.


Questions:  Where can I find information about your ingredients?

The ingredients used in Dry2Alive are listed on the product carton.  You can also find information on some of the actives we use on the “Ingredients” page of this website.  The full ingredients are listed on the ingredients information tab on the product listing.