Three simple tips for healthy glowing skin!

21 February 2014  |  Admin

With the endless cold and rain it seems to feel like Winter may never end.  Apart from the few sunny days we have experienced the constant change from the cold outdoors to central heating indoors can play havoc with your skin.  It can leave it looking dull and dry.

Here are some things to do keep your skin glowing in preparation for Spring!

1. Get outside and get your Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is essential for great skin. A recent study showed that people who receive lower levels of Vitamin D have lower average skin moisture. Whilst you can take vitamin supplements, predominantly your body creates vitamin D directly from sunlight. A cold long winter can mean spending less time outside and more time huddled indoors.  This can impact how much Vitamin D you get and can in turn impact your skin, and if it falls too low can have the effect of other medical problems.  Being in a car or catching the sun through a window will not help, you need direct sunlight.  You should try to get yourself out for a daily walk, either to the shops to grab a sandwich at lunch or a good 20 /30 mins to get some air and that precious sunlight.

2. Keeping the heating down a little more at night. 

Dry air can cause very dry skin.  Keeping the house too hot at night can leave your skin feeling dry and tight in the morning.  More duvet and less radiator can help your skin a great deal.  We are not saying switch off your heating just don’t heat your house like an oven.

3. Use moisturisers that contain hydrating oils that help repair and replenish dry skin. 

This can mean avoid those with mineral oils in them like Paraffin or Petroleum which can sit on your skin.  They often do not let moisture into your skin but act as a barrier.  Instead look for products which are natural and contain replenishing oils and extracts like Rosehip, Borage, Calendula which actively sink into your skin leaving it feeling hydrated and non greasy.  Marshmallow Root Extract is great for people with itchy and dry skin. 

Try UK brand Dry2Alive face and body hydrating cream by Ishiso which contains these great oils and is specifically designed for dry and sensitive skin types.  It is 98% natural and can be used for the whole family from birth upwards.  Its light formula is non greasy and it contains 14 natural actives to help soothe and replenish your skin.  At £10.40 RRP for 50ml, compared to many natural brands it wont break the bank but will let you see the difference these oils make on your skin. Set your skin free.

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