Stressed? Three simple tips to calm your mind!

3 March 2014  |  Admin

Help to quell anxiety and stress with these 3 easy and natural tips:

We all have those days when life feels too much, often worries about work, relationships and family life can leave us feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  Sometimes this can also impact your sleep, distract you from everyday pleasures and be a drain on your energy. 

Too much stress can cause detrimental effects to your health.  Many suggest that some types of eczema can be brought on during stressful times.

Sometimes nothing less than dealing with issues head on will help to quell the stress. It will be much easier to deal with complex issues with a calm mind.  These simple tips will help you to achieve this. 

1. Yoga Breathing,  Its been around for 5000 years for a reason ...

This very simple breathing technique helps to bring you back to the present moment and take your mind away from your problems or anxiety and force you to calm down.  Children can also benefit.  You do not need to sit in Lotus position as you can do this anywhere while sitting in a coffee shop or lying in bed.  If you are in an anxious state of mind simply breathe in through your nose focusing purely on your breath, taking a slow and deep breath.  This breath should be deep from the abdomen. Exhale gently through your mouth.  Try and rid your mind of all thoughts except the breath. Slow down your breath in and out as described for 5 mins.  Remember to focus purely on your breathing.  We will be very surprised if you do not start to feel calm almost immediately.  If you are lying in bed feeling like you cant sleep this method should help you feel calm enough to fall asleep.

2. Exercise: Your body releases proteins to calm you

When you exercise your body thinks you are under stress, and you are fleeing from something.  Your heart  starts to pump harder and your brain releases a protein called  BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor).  The BDNF then works on your brain's memory and acts as a reset switch.  This is why you feel more happy and relaxed after exercise. Try a 20 minute walk or run to get these chemicals working for you and leaving you feeling naturally calm.


3. Change your scent:  Certain scents can uplift your mood

"Pleasant smells lower the heart rate and reduce stress" says Dr Charles Spence at the department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University.  Chamomile has long been recommended by herbalists and aromatherapists for its calming properties. Research from the Miami school of medicine suggests that certain scents can uplift your mood. Scents like Lavender can have "a significant transient effect of improving mood, making people feel more relaxed, and performing math computations faster." Flower scents are generally uplifting, like rose and geranium.

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