Babies with dry itchy skin and sleepless nights

17 December 2013  |  Admin

Babies that itch with dry skin conditions can wake as often as 5 times a night.  Putting them back to sleep can be a big issue. 

Many parents can find this the most difficult aspect of conditions such as eczema.  The temptation to itch for adults with dry skin is great but children and babies have less tolerance for a scratchy patch of  itchy skin.  

Itchy skin conditions can mean parents are often irritable through lack of sleep and it can sometimes go as far as to impact on relationships. 

Scratch mits can be useful for small babies which cannot pull them off. However being able to soothe a child's skin during this key nightime period is a difficult process.    Whilst there is no 1 fix cure for eczema many doctors recommend topical steroids  to help with the itch and paraffin or petroleum based emollients which are used to form a layer over the skin.

Many parents would prefer to use natural remedies to help.  Dry2Alive contains many ingredients that have been historically used by well-known natural products and herbalists over the years.  It combines some of the best of these but adds some extraordinary oils!  Many products today that claim to cure eczema contain Oatmeal extract, Borage, Chickweed and use Calendula to calm and soothe.

In addition to these traditional oils Dry2Alive also includes oils such as Marshmallow and Mahonia which have been historically used by herbalists to help in itchy skin conditions.  Rosehip and Olive Squalane help to provide deep moisturisation and a silky feeling. 

Essential oils of Chamomile, Lavender and Geranium help create a calming scent, perfect for a sleeping baby or child.

Dry2Alive is 98% natural and as gentle as water.

Set your baby's skin free at night with Dry2Alive face and body hydrating cream