Must Read! How does Anti-bacterial soap effect your skin?

27 March 2014  |  Admin

Clever marketing would have us believe that we need anti-bacterial soap to kill everyday bacteria on our hands.

Many people feel that this is an essential part of their everyday washing regime and helps to rid them of harmful bacteria.

In reality the CDC report that the antibiotic commonly used in anti-bacterial soaps are no better at killing germs than regular soap.

Anti-bacterial soaps are commonly found in schools, homes almost everywhere we wash our hands.  You may want to discover what some of their potential side effects could be:

1.  Dry Skin

Many children especially experience dryness on their skin due to regular washing with anti-bacterial soaps.  The American Skin Association found that the antibiotic Triclosan strips the skin of its natural oils leading to dry/ cracked skin.  How quickly do you see your hands riddled with cracks after a few washes with anti-bacterial soap?  Does this happen if you switch to regular soaps?  Some people see mild dryness but others can be subject to very itchy dry and cracked skin.

2.  Hormone Imbalance

More concerning still is that the research carried out by the University of California that shows the effect that antibacterial soaps have on the hormones of mice and humans including "increased gene expression that is normally regulated by testosterone,"  It caused glands that rely on testosterone like the prostrate to grow larger.

3. Chemicals that stay in your body

The American Food and Drug Administration ran urine tests on people using soaps with Tricolsan.  Over 75% of people using the soap with active ingredient were found to still have traces of Tricolsan in their urine.  Another study in 2010 on lab animals showed depletions in Thyroids Hormones, Oestrogen and Testosterone

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