Top ways to boost your energy this winter!!

20 January 2014  |  Admin

We can understand the temptation of hiding indoors during cold winter weather. 

It can be a temptation that hits us all.  With the wind and rain lashing onto our windows recently who can blame us for wanting to hibernate indoors?!  With a lack of exercise and outdoor activity there is also the lack of calorie burn which can mean putting on those extra few pounds.

Here are some smart ways of boosting yourself in Winter without the worry of joining expensive gyms!

Winter air can be cold but extremely fresh!  Grab those trainers and hit the road.  A good base layer is essential if are in an area which is very cold.  Avoid running in wet weather as its easy to slip but dry and cold air can be refreshing.  Headphone on and off you go!  Getting out of the house is essential as your skin needs vitamin D to stay healthy!

Brisk morning walks are great and according to the World Heart Federation (WHF) walking briskly can burn more fat than the equivalent amount of running. Their study suggests that five days a week of fast walking doubles the benefit that the heart gets from the same energy used in running. This can include a brisk walk to the station, bus stop or school or work.

On rainy days winter soups are perfect!  Increase your feel good factor with some amazing homemade soups.  It can be so easy to prepare.  Fry a shallot in some olive oil garlic and throw in some winter veg and herbs of your choice. Putting into some lentils or pulses can increase your protein in-take too! Pour in some hot water, a little vegetable stock, and a little passata (sieved tomatoes), salt and pepper.  Finally a quick blitz with a handheld blender or mash with a potato masher!  Perfect in 15 -20 mins!  Make enough for 2 days and a quick and healthy snack to stop the craving for biscuits!  This can be a great quick after school snack for the kids when they come back from school too!

Keep up a healthy beauty regime to stop your skin from feeling dry and lack lustre!  A product with rosehip oil and can really help to give you a healthy glow.  Olive Squalane combined with Rosehip is great for giving you an instant boost!  Make sure you exfoliate your skin and of course use a natural product which will seep into your skin.  Avoid products with petrochemicals which often just sit on your skin. 

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