What is Actopic Eczema?

6 January 2006  |  Admin

Ishiso skin care for you and the familyAccording to The British Association of Dermatologists, Actopic eczema is an extremely common inflammatory condition of the skin.

It can start at any time in life but it is most common amongst children and impacts 1 in every 5 children in the UK at some point. Atopic is a word commonly used to express a group of conditions like asthma, eczema and hay-fever which are linked together by an increase in Allergic component of the immune system.

Eczema is a term described for red, itchy dry skin which can also sometimes weep, blister, thicken and scale.  The terms eczema and dermatitis both mean the same.

For young children this can mean sleepless nights, as the itching can become severe.  Sleepless nights for parents can mean sleepless nights for parents!!

Our product Dry 2 Alive is suitable for babies, children and adults with dry skin and /or sensitive skin.  Its not a medical product but the ingredients sued have been historically used by herbalists for many years to help manage itchy dry skin.


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